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Uriel is the final culmination of our popular angel series. He is revered in both Judaism and of the faithful of the Eastern churches as one of the archangels. In the Old Testament, Uriel occurs in several Places in appearance. According to Enoch book, he is set "over all the lights of heaven". His Hebrew Name means "my light is God". Uriel acts as an intermediary between God and the seeker, questionable people; he is part of the divine omnipotence, which goes far beyond people's Tangible. Uriel is a wonderful parable for the spiritual essence of the divine light that guides us, teaches us, and in the darkness protect. A Uriel coin as a Talisman. Uriel gives you solace in dark moments. He makes you enjoy life feel. Gives you energy, gives you creative power and energy. The value of side shows in the middle of an ornate fire bowl with stylized flames.

Face Value  Metal  Fineness  Weight (g) Diameter (mm)   Mintage  
Euro 10Silver0,925015,55232,00Proof30.000

Uriel - The Protecting Angel - Proof

SKU : 150
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