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The reverse includes a guaranteed authentic meteorite fragment! Sourced from the Campo del Cielo meteorite fieldEach coin is unique. Since no two pieces of meteorite are alike, no two coins are alike either! Since 1868, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) has nurtured the passion of astronomers and fostered the curiosity of anyone who has looked up at the stars and wondered what lies beyond! Celebrate the 150th anniversary of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada with a realistic re-imagining of its sesquicentennial logo, topped with a meteorite fragment that is a tribute to the contributions of its members.

Face Value  Metal  Fineness  Weight (g) Diameter (mm)   Mintage  
Dollar 20Silver0,999931,39038,00Proof5.500

Société astronomique: Météorite

SKU : 170
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