The New Libertad Series has obtained world renown for its design, and is the main reason for the minting of the new 1 kg Libertad coin, which will undoubtedly form a key part of numismatic collections both at home and abroad. Banco de México wanted to give the 1 kg Libertad coin an elegant and solemn appearance which reflected its value. For this purpose, it was chosen a natural mahogany box with a fine finish the lid of which shows a logo of the coin drawn with a laser. Inside the box the coin is well protected due to a tray which slides back when the box is opened and also shows the coin off better. Below the tray is a space for keeping the minting certificate.

Face Value   Metal   Fineness   Weight (g)  Diameter (mm)     Mintage  
Gr. 1 Silver 0,9990 1.000,000 110,00 Proof 1.000

Kilo Libertad

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