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The story of Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus is one of the most enduring and popular of all time. It has captured our imagination since its publication in 1818 and still remains at the centre of intellectual and radical thinking and debates on scientific advancements. It continues to spawn new discussions and creativity, 200 years on. Published when Frankenstein’s author, Mary Shelley, was just 21 years old, the legacy of the novel is profound and undeniable. Many call it the first science fiction novel while others call it the greatest horror novel of all time and it continues to amaze, shock and inspire those who encounter it.

Face Value  Metal  Fineness  Weight (g) Diameter (mm)   Mintage  
Pound 2Silver0,999024,00028,40Proof1.818

Frankenstein Anniversary (PF Coin)

SKU : 191
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