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In 2016, Monnaie de Paris launched a new series that pays tribute to French History through the women who have had an influence on various areas : politics, art… This series uses the same historical strike that was used in the « From Clovis to the Republic » series and goes even further : the hammer effect has been replaced by textile patterns representative of the time depicted. This characteristic that brings an additional technical challenge at the time of the strike allows to enrich the drawing of each coin. This series started with 3 famous women from the middle ages period : Queen Clotilde, Queen Mathilda and Joan of Arc. In 2017, 3 other historical figures were highlighted : Catherine de Médicis, Marquise de Pompadour and Olympe de Gouges. In 2018, the series will focus on XIXth century by honouring a French Empress, a Queen of Sweden and a woman of letters.

Face Value  Metal  Fineness  Weight (g) Diameter (mm)   Mintage  
Euro 10Silver0,900022,20037,00Proof5.000


Femmes de France - J. de Beauharnais

SKU : 64
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